Magical Working Environment!

Teamemu is a very convenient remote working platform that creates the phenomenal experience of teleworking for everyone.

Our philosophy

Today, after the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the main concerns of businesses is to create a suitable work environment for employees and managers in order to advance and materialize organizational projects.
The working model in different parts of the world has been affected by COVID-19. Employee communication models have changed and other major concerns have arisen, such as providing a suitable work environment for employees at home, defining new interactive and communication models, advancing corporate projects, and providing the system needed for employees.
There are some great services in the world like Slack, Microsoft Team, Jira, and Zoom that employees and companies use to meet their telecommuting needs.

One of the concerns of companies is the lack of complete integration to use different services. For example, Zoom Call service, which is a great service for video communication, or Microsoft Team, which provides a great interactive platform for the employees of a company, but the point is that excessive use of different services makes it difficult to create organizational integrity and increases the complexity of some services for daily usage. Sometimes services have a good quality to provide services, but they have problems in terms of the completeness of each of them. On the other hand, monitoring the performance of corporate personnel has become very difficult for managers in this situation. It is true that being output-oriented can solve this problem, but to consider rewards, monitoring employee performance is a very important option for managers. Another major problem is providing personal computers for employees and expensive laptops, or software licenses that have cost companies dearly.

We deeply focus on
companies and employees needs

All Employees of every company can easily experience all communication models with both employees and customers. VOIP calls, online chat, corporate email, internal and external corporate phone, shared online whiteboard, file sharing, and virtual desktop service (VDI) that can easily meet the needs of employees who want affordable powerful systems to work with.

All in one place and very comfortable!

You no longer need to use different services individually for emailing, chatting with team members, organization phone, group brainstorming, and holding meetings.
Teamemu teleworking platform can easily meet the needs of managers to monitor the performance of their employees.

You no longer need to use many different services individually for working remotely!

We know that there are many great platforms for working remotely but each one of them is great for some specific needs, and many companies after COVID-19 decided to use many remote services and can’t change them for something new or better experience.

For example;

My company has used Slack to online chat or Skype for making video calls for 5 years.

My company uses many services and it’s hard to use all of them every day. I as a senior manager need to monitor employees for daily tasks and I should make daily reports for my boss. Teamemu lets me make a daily report from employees’ tasks. I mean I can make it happen in just Teamemu in a second and that is phenomenal for me as a senior manager.

With Teamemue each company decides to choose every service that they have used before, and connect them to Teamemu for having phenomenal and integrated service altogether. 

Some of Teamemu
competitive advantages

  • Very convenient and easy access to the members of the organization in an integrated way
  • Access to VOIP phone service to contact people inside and outside the organization
  • Easy access to all communication and interactive services all at once
  • Monitoring employee performance using AI technology for organization managers
  • Ability to send regular reports from systems to senior managers of organizations
  • Automatic and regular backup of user information by team admin and Teamemu support service
  • Ability to share files up to a maximum of 10 GB per user 
  • Utilization of Teamemu 3 layers security firewall and using a backup server to protect users’ information by using daily regular data support 
  • Easy to use for all Teamemu services 
  • Connect with many services such as, Slack, Zoom Call, Cisco jabber, Jira, Office 365

Wanna Try Teamemu?

If you like to experience a phenomenal teleworking platform, We’ll be happy to have your feedbacks.

What values make
Teamemu members happy?

The members of the Teamemu have always tried to use a human-centered approach to creating value for human beings.

We identified users’ real needs based on user research, and all the included features were selected based on user needs, neither more nor less.

We are confident that Teamemu can meet most of the needs of organizations, managers, and employees at an advanced level because, in Teamemu platform, we identified the communication and interactive needs of three groups of users so that in addition to communication between members of a company.

Teamemu is an advanced tool for organizations, organizations that care about their employees and managers.